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Simple CRM for India

  • Indian CRM | CRM for Small Business

    101% Indian

    MeraCRM is flexible enough to adapt
    your business quickly and works the
    way you want.
  • Work Diary in CRM

    Work Diary

    Client's Birthday, Sales Meeting...
    No matter how long the list is.
    Work Diary makes your day beautiful.
  • Customer Data Management | Customer Management Software

    Customer Kundli

    With past and present data of a
    customer, align your efforts towards
    a profitable future.
  • Sales Pipeline


    Visualize your sales and support by
    stages and let your team to get more
    out of it.
  • CRM Tools for Small Business - Quick Search

    Quick Search

    Small but powerful tools to mark
    and recall things faster than any other
    CRM available in India.
  • Followup CRM | Followup Task Management


    It not only helps you to keep your words and
    customers, but also strengthen your bond
    with customers!
Even for you, no matter which role you play

Leader - Owners and Organization - Indian CRM


Define processes, visualise progress and grow your business

Manager - CRM Task Management - CRM Task Manager


Get insights of operations, clear obstacles and meet targets

Team - CRM For Small Business


Stay focused, productive and show your contribution to business

It works exactly as expected, everywhere

Rapid sales growth with efficient sales process

In this era of high competition, sales team need an efficient sales process to achieve big goals. It helps you to focus on right deals at right time and make more money by closing them in less time. Not only efficient sales process of MeraCRM helps you to make best deals but also its sales process tool distinguishes achievers from under achievers. Sales process tool of MeraCRM helps you to set automatic follow ups and in customization of local terms used in business.
CRM for sales process