How to be more productive with work diary

Birthdays and Anniversaries

In today's highly competitive market, pleasing your customers is not an easy task anymore. It has become a necessity these days to retain customers for longer time. To keep your emotional bond with your customers, Work diary will list all your customer's personal events like birthday or anniversary at top of your work diary. You can set automated messages or can wish them with one click or call them to delight them.

Overdue tasks

Overdue tasks are those tasks which are not completed according to their schedule. It appears on today's page of the work diary in red colour to alert the employee to complete it as soon as possible. Normally this section should not have any data.

Tasks to do today

These are tasks or follow ups you or your teammates set to do today. These tasks has icons on their left to indicate the type of follow up. Their due time is also set accordingly. If you've set reminders prior to due time, you will also get reminders on desktop, email or as SMS.

Work completion report

All the tasks, you complete today are collected in Completed section. This is the most important section of work diary which gives you sense of achievement. Your teammates can also view your diary directly, but if you need to send work report to your seniors, we have also made that easier. Just click on send report button, select the person and you're done!

Printing worksheets

Field team has no luxury to be connected with desktop all the time. And, there are members in team who are not much comfortable with computers. We know that and so we have worksheet printing for you in Work Diary. It enables you to print your daily work on paper along with contact details and notes space. Fill it and feed it at the end in the evening in MeraCRM to keep your day tracked.

Sharing Diaries with team

This is special feature of Work diary which enables executives to see work diary of their team. You can choose to see diary of everyone under your team or selective people, to see where are they up to!

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