Automate processes with automations

What are automations?

It is the best teammate who acts responsible whenever its needed without keeping you asked. Consider MeraCRM Automations as your such loyal teammate who monitors what is happening in business and takes appropriate defined actions. For example it can send welcome email or SMS when a new customer is added. It can delight your customers without any extra effort.

Automate things when your data is added or updated

You need a suitable condition to activate the automation. In MeraCRM when you define automation, you need to specify the condition to monitor. You can monitor data like Person, Company, Leads or Support case that is added or updated in the system. Based on your business needs you can define action items for such events.

Define various conditions to identify automation

Sometimes just one simple condition is not enough. You may need multiple conditions to identify the event. For example, you may want to assign any newly created lead to your sales manager directly. In same way you can combine multiple conditions to identify right event.

Define various actions to execute when automation occurs

Once the event is identified, you would like to take some actions on it. It may be modifying the data, assigning it to someone or sending email or SMS notifications or even combination of such multiple actions. You can specify all these actions and also re-use them in other automation definitions to save your valuable time.

Create automated follow ups or change assignments

MeraCRM also enables you to use actions like changing assignment of a Person, Company, Lead or Support or creating new follow ups automatically. Not just that, but you can also define due date of newly created follow ups related to event's time. For example, you can set up action like when Support case is closed, it will email after two days as a reminder for asking a feedback.

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