Save additional customer data with Custom-fields and forms

Attach custom fields to your data

Sometimes the generic fields that we provide with MeraCRM may not be enough to store customer data and relevant data along with it. You can define custom fields and attach them to people, Companies, Lead or Support. Example you can store a custom field like Credit rating, so you can give them preferential services.

Attach custom form (multiple fields) to your data

Sometimes even just one or two custom fields are not enough, to save customer related information along with generic modules. So here comes unique feature of MeraCRM called Custom Forms. You can define a group of custom fields and store it along with customer information. For example, you can have custom form containing monthly spending, existing insurance, focused area and can name it Insurance Profile. This will give CRM more flexibility to melt into your business instead of other costly custom development.

Support for various data types

In custom fields or forms, we store data in a meaningful way so that you can do logical search on your data later on. With MeraCRM currently you can store custom data in Text, Number, Yes/No, Selective List, Multiple Options and Date. These data types gives you edge to store almost anything with your customer data.

Utilize modules as a custom field

Referencing custom data with modules or with other customer really makes life easier in some cases. MeraCRM is simple, but ready to manage data types like a Person, Company, Lead, Support, Team Member or Products. For example, sometimes you may need to link referrer sort of information, where you can choose a field type of Person.

Use Custom fields in Quick Search, Filters & Reports

Once you have custom forms or custom fields loaded in customer data, its useless if you can't search with those fields. And as expected, with MeraCRM you can conduct Quick Search with such custom fields and custom form fields. You can also use custom fields and forms in Filters and Reports to find right data at right time.

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