Better productivity with team WorkDiary

Set birthday and anniversary reminders

Every customer is human and they have feelings. Even we love if someone calls and wishes us on special days like birthdays or anniversaries. Based on this idea, In Work Diary, we've included Birthday and Anniversary reminders for customers so that you can wish them on phone and even delight them with surprises.

To set work schedule and their priorities

This segment in Work Diary shows all overdue tasks which was supposed to be completed in the defined time limit. For alert purpose you can mark them as red so that it will always keep you on toes and encourage you to complete it as soon as possible leading to enhanced productivity.

Workdiary feature to manage daily tasks by looking on to the pending and to do tasks all at one place.

Workdiary feature to manage daily tasks by looking on to the pending and to do tasks all at one place.

All other important tasks, emails and meetings for today

This segment in Work Diary contains all of your tasks, meetings and follow ups along with time. You can also use MeraCRM mobile edition to remind you these tasks from time to time. Alternatively you can also setup SMS/Email reminders to get reminders on or before the due time.

Prints your daily worksheet if you are unavailable

If you are in sales or a field person, maybe you won't have access to MeraCRM all the time. MeraCRM understands this reality and gives you option to print your daily worksheet. This will help you be more productive.

Sending work reports is easier than ever

Should I do the actual work or send work reports? If this question harasses you, you would love MeraCRM's send work report feature which works with just one click. This will allow you to focus on right things instead of remembering daily task list and sending it to your manager in the evening.

Be super productive and collaborative with Team Work Diary

If you are in to big size company, your challenges and team both are big enough to handle. With Team work's diary feature, you can access dairies of your team and can assign tasks or follow ups to your colleagues to supercharge productivity.

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