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CRM India | CRM Business Processes | CRM for Small Business - MeraCRM
Customer Data Management | Customer and Business Data - MeraCRM
CRM for Sales, Marketing and Support Process - MeraCRM
Mobile CRM | Social CRM | CRM For Mobile Editions - MeraCRM
Customer Data Management | CRM for Customer Data | CRM Customer Data - MeraCRM
CRM Custom Fields And Forms | CRM Statistics - MeraCRM
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CRM Schedule Report | Follow Up Tasks | Schedule Management Software - MeraCRM
Email and SMS Alerts | CRM For Sales and Support Process | Automate follow ups
SMS and Email reminders | CRM Work Diary | Work Report In CRM - MeraCRM
Follow UP Reminders | Email or SMS reminders - MeraCRM
Get Full Customer History at one Place, to Understand them Better - MeraCRM

Benefits for processes

Sales Process Management | Sales Force Automation | Sales CRM
CRM Task management and Daily routine plan | Follow up Tasks - MeraCRM
Sales Pipeline Management | CRM Alerts | CRM Reports - MeraCRM
CRM data Entry and Management | Customer Data Management | Mobile CRM - MeraCRM
Crm for Finance - MeraCRM
Customer Segmentation in CRM | CRM Marketing Segmentation - MeraCRM
Email and SMS Templates | CRM Alerts and Notifications - MeraCRM
Campaign management | CRM Marketing Campaign | CRM Integrated Campaign - MeraCRM
CRM Business Process | CRM Dashboard | CRM Alerts - MeraCRM
Document Management | Quotation Management | Invoice Management in CRM - MeraCRM
CRM Task Management | Follow up Tasks | CRM Task Reminders - MeraCRM
CRM Customization | crm support services | CRM for Customer Support - MeraCRM
Find the customer within few seconds | Fast Search - MeraCRM
Customer Support | CRM Customer Care | Tags and Ribbons - MeraCRM
Email and SMS templates | crm alerts and notification - MeraCRM
CRM Customer Satisfaction | CRM for Customer Support | CRM Support Pipeline

Unique Features

CRM Work Diary | CRM Task Management | Follow Up Tasks - MeraCRM
QuickSearch - Search Custom Forms and Fields | Search Tags | Search Modules
Visiting Card Entry | Card Entry and Custom Forms - MeraCRM
Custom Forms and Fields | Customer Data Management - MeraCRM
Powerful Filters and Reports - MeraCRM
Pipeline View | Sales Pipeline Management | Pipeline Support - MeraCRM
Customer Data Management | Customer Management Software - MeraCRM
Recursive Follow ups | Follow up Management | Follow up Reminders - MeraCRM
Tags and Ribbons - MeraCRM
CRM for Account Management | Invoice or Lead Management - MeraCRM
Automations | What are Automations ? | Automate things when data is added or updated
CRM Marketing Campaigns | CRM for Marketing Campaigns - MeraCRM


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Documents - MeraCRM Modules
Invoicing - MeraCRM Modules
Credit Debit - MeraCRM Modules
Filters - MeraCRM Modules
Pipeline Views - MeraCRM Modules


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