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I was using CRM in the past

Some of the crm softwares were not able to deliver proper services to its clients. Because of this people using such crms have faced many problems. Such unsatisfied people decided to go without crm software. But it is not necessary that all the crm softwares will fail to deliver you the best services. Our product MeraCRM will definitely please you. It comes with many attractive features to boost up your business. In local market many of the business terms are used according to their convenience like lead and opportunity may be termed simply as order or inquiry, MeraCRM allows you to customize your terms. Another feature of our crm is work diary which keeps all the information of the customers helping us in sales and support as well as helps us to set reminders or even get daily worksheet. It helps you to tag your customers using ribbons and different colors. The features of MeraCRM will definitely help you to improve your business.

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