Improving Sales Process

What is a Sales Process?

Sales process is a step-by-step procedure of identifying your customers and then selling your products to them. The main aim to follow this procedure is to get new businesses.

Root level customization of local terms for sales

In India, every business has their own local words for business terms. Some businesses may care the difference between lead and opportunity, while its just order or inquiry for others. MeraCRM allows you to change these root level terms, so you don't need to change the language you use in business!

Easy customization in MeraCRM - use your local words for business terms.

Customization of sales stages and process

From business to business, they have their unique sales process. It may be such a short to three steps or a long cycle of more than 10 steps. With MeraCRM you can customize your stages that you follow in your sales process.

Set automatic follow ups based on events happening

Standardizing sales process makes it easy for everyone in the team. It helps you bring best practices in use to get maximum benefits in sales process. With MeraCRM automation, you can set up automated follow ups based on events in Sales process.

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