Recurring followups for repetitive tasks

What are followups

Normally in CRM systems, there is a concept of task. But in India businesses runs on followups. Follow ups are sort of to-dos that are assigned to team members, having due date, which can be recursive and even can have sub tasks. This enables you to track almost anything in your business for yourself or for vendors or partners. Beauty of MeraCRM followups is that, they can be individual or can be attached to people, company, lead or support case.

Experience power of recursiveness

Imagine you have genie to whom you only need to tell once. Recursiveness gives you such power. MeraCRM integrated this recursiveness as recurring for follow ups. It can be used to pay monthly bills, weekly collections or most importantly maintenance at every 65 days. MeraCRM recurring followups automatically creates data based on recurring parameters you define.

Smart re-creation of follow up after completion of past one

When follow ups are recursive and some how if they become overdue, CRM will be filled up with lots of unwanted follow ups. With MeraCRM, recursive followups are created only when you complete the earlier follow up. For example, if you set up weekly follow up and you couldn't complete the last follow up for two weeks, It will only create new follow up when you complete the last one. It behaves in practical way as we expect.

Reminders to remind you either you are connected or not

Follow ups are helpful only when you are connected and viewing MeraCRM in front of you. But what if you are in field or you wanted to be reminded before a day about an important meeting? MeraCRM has supercharged Follow ups with Desktop, Email and SMS reminders so that you can set up unlimited reminders for due time or prior to it to remind you no matter wherever you are.

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