Sync Quotation with product price field

Today we live in an era where convenience is the most critical requirement of any task, keeping in mind this motto MeraCRM team has tried to give it’s users the best they deserve.  Are there too many quotations which need revision every now and then? Is it really tedious to make an ample number of changes? We are sure there is. What if... Read More »

Option added in product-price custom field to generate new quotation on custom field value change

How to check that the quotation has been updated with new product price or where the revisions are created? It’s very simple, you just have to explore the ‘Quotation and Invoices’ module and you can see all your quotations there but if the ‘Update Existing One’ option is selected then you certainly know the only... Read More »

Option added in product-price custom field to sync it with quotation

“Everything starts with the customer.” MeraCRM, keeping in mind your needs have come up with a way to to sync your quotations with the product price field. Why? This will help you to link your quotations to the particular “product price” field letting you manage your quotation and products in a better way. To achieve... Read More »

MeraCRM Release 2.000.74

Our excitement knows no bounds to announce the new enhancements that fulfils our motto of building solutions that change the way people work and live. Customizing Quotations and Invoices with the Product Price custom field We have found your new admiration for customization, wonder what it is? The product price field which lets you keep a record... Read More »

Sales Management Software

Sales Management software refers to the systems that allow the sales executives to gain greater insight of the key performance indicators across the organization. Sales management software allows the managers to visualize, in real time, which representatives are on the way to achieve goals. It also tracks the key metrics like average hold time and calls... Read More »

Best CRM Software for Startup Businesses

The best CRM software for startup businesses should empower the startups to grow their business in terms of Customer Relationship Management. The best CRM software should allow the clients to access the customer information and the actionable leads and prospects with ease and from their convenience. Small businesses and startup initiators can be equally... Read More »

CRM Software Free - Simple System to Close More Deals

CRM software is the basic Customer Relationship Management Software that has become mandatory in today's competitive market. There are lots of enterprises setting up daily that pose high competition even to the well-established enterprises. With this scenario, managing and maintaining customer relationship is highly crucial. For this... Read More »

Customer Relationship Management Software - Mera CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company's interaction with its customers. It includes using technology to organize, automate and synchronize marketing, sales, customer service and technical support. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on creating satisfactory customer experience which is the... Read More »

CRM : Latest Small Business Trends

The reformation in technology trends affect the small business trends remarkably. Technology trends like cloud services, mobile and software automation being stronger, more affordable, more persuasive and irresistible are now dominant forces leading small business trends. Some small business technology trends that can add potential to your budget and help... Read More »

CRM for Technology and Business Growth

Effective use of CRM for technology lies at the heart of successful business growth. Many small and mid-sized companies using cloud-based technologies have been able to expand their capabilities which were previously preserved by the large companies having big IT budgets. Yet, finding and implementing the appropriate CRM for technology solutions can be a... Read More »

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