Basic accounting in credit debit way

Simple accounting that we Indians understand easily

In India accounting is only meant for CAs, Accountants or Munims. We only understand basic concept of accounting that is give and take or in other words credit and debit. We tried to include simple accounting to track business value as well as outstanding. Credit/Debit entries can be attached to all modules like People, Companies, Leads, Support cases and Invoices. So when you access any of such data, you will always be able to see finance status for the same.

It's simple but you can track reference details and cross references too

Credit and Debit entries are so simple. Put them as credit entries when money goes out and consider debit entry when money comes in. When you create entry, you can also link it with existing leads or invoices to track outstanding or business progress.

Focus on outstanding everywhere

In India, most of small businesses run on credit. We take raw materials on credit and sell goods on credit too. In this rollover mechanism outstanding amount becomes very critical part to balance the rollover otherwise it becomes roller coaster ride. With Credit/Debit module, whenever you open a customer, company, invoice or lead it will remind you the most critical part of your business and alerts to take suitable action.

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