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Personal and Team Work Diary

We use paper diaries to keep the track of daily objectives. Work Diary does the same thing with enhancements like birthday or anniversary reminders, due tasks and to-do's. It also shows you commitments you made in past to customers, that is due today. Team Diary gives managers control and keeps an edge with daily plan of their team members on single page in real-time.

Printing Daily Worksheets and Summaries

It is not always necessary that you will be having all your teammates within the office premises. So how will they remember and follow their daily tasks? With the print work diary feature of MeraCRM you can print the daily worksheet of your team along with contact details and space for notes. They can have it with them, take notes and update CRM at their convenience. In a simple line we can summarize it as cherry on the cake for managers.

Work Report

Work Report becomes buzz word in the morning or evening time for any organization having a team environment. Managers need it to get an overview of what's happening, while its pain for the team to recall everything and prepare a report when they want to rush to their homes. To solve this major issue, we made work reporting automated. Yes, you really don't need to do anything. It goes automatically to the person whom you are reporting. You can even send it manually with a single click to anyone.

Widgets (Person/Client/Lead/Support/Follow up)

Most of the times, numbers expresses facts much better than reports or lists. Widget gives you answers for most important questions that help you to focus on right things. Apart from default widgets that ships with MeraCRM, you can also create your own widgets like how many leads I had in last month or say people you've not talked to for more than 6 months. Widgets can also compare the present result with past timeline to give a comparative analysis on the fly.


People is one of the core entity of a business and hence for the CRM. You can save data of any person that you deal with in People module. It can be your customer, prospect, vendor or team mate. MeraCRM provides basic fields that help you to store all the information about a person that you need. Unlike other CRMs, you can link one person to multiple Organizations.

Customer data management by keeping all updated customer data along with complete past activities.

Customer data management by keeping all updated customer data along with complete past activities.


Organization is another important core entity of business. It represents various kinds of business entities like companies, firms, etc. In sophisticated CRM terms, it's also known as Accounts. With MeraCRM you can call it whatever you want and it can be linked with multiple people.

Complete information of an organization at one place

Complete information of an organization at one place.


Lead is basically an opportunity that can generate revenue for business. It can be from existing or new customers. In India, it is known by various names like inquiries, orders, business etc., MeraCRM provides smart tracking of leads with fully dynamic stages, stage colors and stage types. You can link Organization and/or multiple people with the lead. Best part of MeraCRM leads are that they can be used with minimal or extensive details suitable to your business style.

Customization of sales stages and process you follow

Know your lead better by having all the information at one place.

Leads Pipeline

Pipeline view gives you an edge to visualize your pipeline and to find focus to do more in less time. With Pipeline view, you can see at which stage your business has got stuck. Further you can drill down your lead stages by your team or your products to reach at the roots. With Pipeline view, you can drag and drop leads across different stages and even can mark them as won or lost.


In any business customer engagement is important. So you need to work on increasing customer engagement in the business. You can achieve this by customizing the stages of support and configure it according to the need of your business.

Get all the information associated with a support ticket at one place.

Get all the information associated with a support ticket at one place.

Support pipeline

Pipeline view gives you an edge to visualize your support pipeline. With pipeline view, you can see the different stages of support. Support pipeline will help you to identify the problems in your product and services. Further you can drill down your support stages to reach the roots. Thus by watching the different stages of the pipeline you will understand all the customer issues and will know which customer to contact first.

Follow up

We are humans and have the habit of forgetting things. So it becomes necessary to set follow ups for yourself and for others. You can link your follow ups with anything. You can set alerts for your follow ups too. You can set different types of follow ups like send SMS, call, meeting, etc. Quickly postpone follow ups can postpone follow ups. You can even create subsequent follow ups while closing the present one.

Closing note

When you close any follow up a closing note appears. It will ask for the status of the follow up whether it has been achieved or not and even mention about what was the action taken for that. You need to give proper data so that it can be used in future for reference.

Log and Activity

In the activity you can see the actions that have taken place in the past. You can see the current activities too.


You can set unlimited desktop, SMS or email reminders for different tasks. It acts as a follow up for your various activities. You can even set birthday and anniversary reminders to delight your customers.

Recurring Follow up

Now there is no need for you to remember tasks like paying bills or filing your TDS form. All you need is to set recurring reminders and forget about all these tasks. You can set reminders according to your convenience. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, annual or even periodic (eg. 15 days) reminders which suites your need.


You can simply print the quotation by choosing the amount. You can even send the quotation through Email. It is even possible to store the revision quotations. We have made the interface of invoicing and quotation more or less similar for your convenience.

Get details of the quotations at one place which can be used as quotations history for future business dealings.

Get all the information associated with a support ticket at one place.

Quotation Revision

India works on negotiation. With each negotiation the amount changes too. So there arises a need to keep on changing the quotation and save it. Quotation revision helps you to keep a track of all the quotations that was quoted in the past so that it can be used for future reference


Creating an invoice is simple. You can create an invoice from quotation by a simple click. We even support dynamic invoice numbering.

Revise your Invoice when a new amount is quoted for a particular deal.

Quote/Invoice pipeline

For any business marketing and sales are important but money is the most important aspect of any business. You can keep a track of your money through invoicing pipeline. It helps you to drill down the different stages of the invoice pipeline. The different stages of the invoice pipeline are like sending invoice, cheque made and send to bank, receiving invoice, etc.

Invoice and Quotation management to view and manage all the Quotation and Invoice in different stages

Invoice and Quotation management to view and manage all the Quotation and Invoice in different stages

Email Quotation/Invoice

Sending an Email quotation is very simple. You can an Email by a single click from quotation. There no need to download the quotation and then send it through Email.


Normally people use campaign methods like advertisement board, radio, TV and even events. It is necessary to know about the returns you get from these campaigns. ROI is an important factor when it comes to campaigns. You can analyze these campaigns and know which of the campaign activities were effective and what amount of money you have received back from them.

Products/ Sales

You can see different products and can track which product gives you what amount of sales. It also helps you to manage the catalogue for pricing. You can use these products in invoicing and can modify its details too.

Add new product and various information related to it.

Add new product and various information related to it.


In India, even same businesses follow different business styles. There are no pure systems or terminology for the business terms. By customization you can change your work flow or define them. If you want to enter some more information about your lead or client then that is too possible. You can use custom fields and forms for entering that extra information. You can automate business work flow with automation.

SMS Integration

A person never forgets to take his phone with him while leaving home in the morning. So SMS is termed as an instant method of communication. SMS are used for sending transactional and promotional messages. All you need to do is to select customers and right click on it to send direct SMS. By configuring automation you can send automated SMSes to customers for various activities like lead formations, etc.

Email Integration

Today a large population use internet services. So sending and receiving mails, are just an integral part of our life. Emails are instant method of communication. It is used for sending transactional and promotional Email messages. All you need to do is to select customers and click on the Email to send it directly. You can send automated Emails to your customers for various communication purposes by configuring automation.

Email design template

At times communication is not enough, rather presentation is more effective. So it would have been good if we can change the format of mail and send it to the clients. By using Email design template you can design and control the marketing and informative Emails at your end from HTML.

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