Customer filtering with Tags and Ribbons

Remember things as your mind does with references and codes

Our brain remembers things by reference which are already there in its memory. We Indians even buy things through reference only. We weaved this concept of reference with People, Companies, Leads, Support cases and Invoices. You can tag things by any means. For example, you can tag a customer by A+, Jain, Punctual, Deals so that you or your team member can identify his character as his business rating, personal characteristics and even the things he buys. With this reference you can search him in future at time of promotion to get more business out of him!

Unlimited tags on given data to recall and search with it in future

There is no limit of how many tags you can attach to a person, company, lead or support case. Like human brain, you can reference things by as many things as possible. This enables you to find them faster by whatever you can recall at that moment.

Using ribbons as color codes to code things

These are tasks or follow ups you or your teammates set to do today. These tasks has icons on their left to indicate type of follow up. They are also put according to the due time set. If you've set reminders prior to due time, you will also get reminders on desktop, email or as SMS.

Use these references to build filters and reports

All the references you made and attached with your customer data either by tags or by colored ribbons, are always searchable by MeraCRM. You can search them directly from Quick Search or via filters. Filtered data can be saved as reports too if you need them for routine use.

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