Doing more business in less time with pipeline view

Visualize your pipeline of leads or support cases

Numbers are very critical for any business. But sometimes too many numbers are more than enough to find facts. MeraCRM visualises leads and support cases in pipeline view. This helps you see where and exactly what is blocking your business.

Numbers at each stage will clear your focus to get things done

If you are looking at sales pipeline, then you can see how much business is stuck at each stage of your sales process. Same way in Support pipeline you can see which customers are facing which kind of issues. Both pipelines helps you to either close more deals or to close support cases faster. This ultimately brings satisfaction to your customers and helps you to earn more.

Drill down pipeline further up to team or product level

Sometimes just the view of different stages of pipeline is not enough. You may want to see the Sales pipeline for particular stage ordered by team members or by your product etc. Or you may want to see your support pipeline by field person or by category, etc. This helps you define your strategy for better business.

Sharing Diaries with team

This is special feature of Work diary which enables executives to see work diary of their team. You can choose to see diary of everyone under your team or selective people to know their current status.

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