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I use excel sheets

Excel is a very simple way of storing data. To perform mathematical calculations and adjusting the layout of the cells is very easy using excel sheets. We can use different colors on the cells to highlight them when necessary. But excel has some disadvantages too. Though they are good to manage small range of data, story changes once the size of the data grows. It becomes difficult to manage large size data as need arises to update the formulas accordingly. Some formulas may need to be changed while others need to be created. It may lead to inconsistency in data.

In case of crm, there is a proper data structure. There is no fear of inconsistency or duplication of values in the table. It is even possible to extend the database according to your needs. It is possible to share data among the team, Moreover viewing the data or inserting or updating it is an easy task. In short, by applying crm in your business all the departments of your company can be brought under one software system.

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