Benefits of CRM with Email Integration

Email is comparatively more preferred customer channel and is very effective in lead nourishment and other sales activities. Emails can provide you with more qualified leads than any other channels as qualified leads up to 50 percent higher rate and 20 percent of income can be directly achieved through email strategies.  A Customer Relationship... Read More »

Top 5 Reasons to start your business using CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the whole process of managing and organizing your company’s interaction with your customers. Each and every point where the customer has contact with your company is important and should be monitored and managed properly. This can be done manually using spreadsheets and manual data keeping, but it... Read More »

Customer engagement made easy with Collaborative CRM

In the digital and technical business age, it is far more important to get automated in all your business process. Collaborative Customer Relationship management synchronizes the business data across all the departments of the business to increase the customer relationship. From marketing to marketing services, finances all the aspects of business... Read More »

What is Sales Force Automation?

The process of maximizing efficiency of the repeating processes that a Sales person or unit performs is stated as Sales Force Automation, and the software used for such process is known as SFA (sales force automation) software. The SFA system uses automation to streamline business tasks that include Contact Management, Account Management, Sales Funnel or... Read More »

4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs CRM For Success

A small business needs to implement a certain number of essential business systems among which is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Having a capable and efficient CRM is as essential as the employees you hire for your small business. The long term effects of CRM for small business will be much more than what a single employee could bring you.... Read More »

CRM For Manufacturing Industry

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software can be an ideal companion for the businesses operating in the Manufacturing Industry. As the advent of new technology changes the way the manufacturing industry works, the demand for new markets and supply models of collaboration are evolving. The new regulations and environmental concerns need to be... Read More »

What makes Customer Relationship Management vital for small businesses?

For all kinds of businesses, whether they are well established or just starting out, good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can make the difference. Especially for new startups and small businesses, it is crucial to developing new cliental and maintain a strong relationship with existing customers is what determines its success.  Customer... Read More »

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