Search across all modules

Quick search is your true friend when you need information very quickly. It searches across all available modules like People, Company, Leads and Support cases. If searched item do not exist, you can also create it directly from there.

Search by partial name, phone number or email

Quick search really means quick. When we are in a hurry mostly we do not know all things about what we are searching for. We may recall partial phone number, email address or names, etc., and with Quick Search you can search by these references, no matter what module is currently open.

Even search by tags, custom fields or custom form fields

If your customer data is complex, then you need to get help of tags, custom fields or even custom form fields. We made Quick Search really intelligent and fast so it even helps you search customer data with custom fields, forms or tags really fast.

Open relevant items directly from search results

When you do a search with Quick Search, it will show you all matching people, Companies, Leads and Support cases as your type. With these details you can recall things easier and as you identify it, just click and it will open Kundli view for you.

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