Know everything about customer with kundli view

Kundli view represents your module data and connected modules in one view

Wouldn't you love to see quick statistics, history, finance, tags and associated people etc. in single view when you open a customer, company, lead or a support case ? In fact, everyone likes to see associated data together instead of doing more clicks. Kundli view exactly does this as you expected. It consists of left view, middle view and right views.

Left side is all about quick information

Our left brain is better at analysing numerical and logical information. Kundli view consider this brain theory in designing left side of it. It shows all quick facts on the left side of whatever you are viewing currently. This part will help you to decide if this customer, company, lead or support case is important to you or not and its value. Along with logical and numerical facts, it also briefs about who is the person responsible for this from your team.

Middle view is like Facebook wall. See all connected module details at oneplace as timeline

Everyone is familiar with Facebook and its famous wall. In Kundli view middle part represents wall or in other words timeline of the data. You will see history of a client, company, lead or support case. In middle view you will also see associated modules like Documents, Invoices, Credit / Debit, etc., You can also click and open associated items right away from here.

Right view is about nitty gritty of selected module data

Left brain is good on logical analysis and Right brain is all about details, creativity and feelings. Kundli view's right part is all about nitty gritty of an item opened. For example,if you open information about a customer you would see its addresses, important dates, custom forms and fields, etc. on right part where you will do the creative offerings for customers.

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