More productivity with filters and reports

Any data you feed, you can use them in filters

As business grows your reporting need varies too. And, no one probably wants to consult the software guys to chase for these new reports. MeraCRM made reporting mechanism so easy that anyone can filter the data the way they need. You can use unlimited filters to combine criteria and drill down until you find required information.

Select any columns across your data which you filtered

When you deal with custom forms and fields and with many filters, possibly you are looking for very specific data. MeraCRM also allows you to select which columns you want to see and provides you other features like to do sub total, average, etc.

Save these filters as permanent reports

Once you set up filters, and if you think you want to use this filters as report it's very easy. You just need to save this filter as a report and this report will always remain up to date with newer data that you feed.

Export filtered data or print it if you have permission

In era of cut throat competition, sometimes customer data is almost everything for a business. We understand this core need and give you full control in user management. By providing such permission, you can control viewing, printing and exporting of your precious data. If you have permission you can print beautiful reports of selected data and can also export it in excel format to use it elsewhere.

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