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Our Story

Meaning of the Name

The word "Avinashi" is derived from the Sanskrit word "avinaashin" meaning imperishable, which is also a synonym for God. Reason behind choosing such a name is to take continuous inspiration from nature and God or whatever the highly integrated system is, that we know as Life. Solving complex problems with simplicity and integrating such solutions in the normal life of people creates a great value forever and that's what Avinashi aims for.


Do a profitable, ethical and honorable IT business to create value for all stake holders by constantly innovating, consulting and mentoring them to create growth, value and profit for them & their stake holders. We also encourage a healthy and ethical competition to keep improving us.

Why we are focusing on India and MSMEs

We believe that by the end of 2020, India will have a large number of SMEs and MSMEs. So they need a good IT infrastructure to grow and develop. In the beginning, Avinashi was into outsourcing. Later we thought that it was our moral duty to contribute our share towards the growth of our country and help these SMEs and MSMEs to grow. So we started building IT solutions which focuses merely on small and medium businesses which understands and tries to find the best solutions for them.