Attain Competitive Edge With Data MiningIt has always been said that knowledge is power, data mining is exactly the same. It is the collection of appropriate knowledge that can help you to make strategies for the growth of your business or organization.

The more you have a list of information about your customers, the better are your chances of earning a large profits. You can use CRM to study the behavior of your customers.  Once the information has been collected, it can be used in such a way that can help your organization to accurately predict the behavior of your clients. Here, we provide you the most common ways on how to use each customer data.

Affinity analysis

Sometimes called “basket analysis”. The “basket” is referred to what the customers use when they are shopping. It is based on the assumption customer's future behavior can be predicted by analyzing their past behaviors, including their purchases and preferences. These customer data can be applied in various industries. Most customer analytic tools help you analyze the purchases over time. Thus, It will help you recognize the trend or opportunities that you can use for future promotions.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

By understanding the customer interaction with your current marketing efforts, you can plan your future marketing campaigns. The constant analysis will provide you the better insight and an advantage. 
This is one of the most important emerging practices. Marketing automation helps you make use of your huge data as well as it helps you optimizing your marketing campaigns and investments. By improving your engagement with the same customers and prospects, automated campaigns save your time and ensure that you don't miss any lead.

Customer Loyalty

In a market where price war always occurs, you will find that customers switch every time they are offered low prices by the competitor. Data mining can help you reduce this churn.
While mining the data, if you focus on numbers like Lifetime Customer Value, It can help you identify the reason why customers bail. Your data will provide you their falling edge, use some combination of tactics and get the customer to his falling edge.

Market Segmentation

One of the best ways you can use data mining is to segment your customers. From your data, you can divide your market into meaningful segments. Segmentation can help you target the customers of the same segment simultaneously. Also, it helps you to identify your competitors. Most businesses need to expand their circle of competitors if they plan to compete effectively. 
Segmenting the database can help you improve your conversion rates if you focus on a highly interested market and help you to identify your competitors in those segments. 
It will help you to customize your products and promotions that satisfy the needs of your customers.

Tailored Marketing

The information collected from the customer data enables you to make marketing efforts suitable to individual customers. If you have a resource, you can make use of automated and dynamically driven campaigns to increase efficiency in email marketing. You can send tailored, personalized emails to your customers on the basis of their location and browsing habits. The content is automatically populated and emails are sent automatically. Suitability and personalisation help to improve open rates and conversion rates.

Respond to Trends

Monitor various social media conversations and various searches on your site, make use of data and your intuitions to recognize and respond to the emerging trends. Be the first to introduce something new in the market, it is one of the most important ways to lead the competition. Your marketing strategies should be based on emerging trends in technology, economy, and lifestyle.

Change Your Game Plan

Changing you game plan for better utilization of data may sound like a great challenge and it may feel like inverting all your marketing strategies. But if you remain stiff and not embrace change, your competitive advantages will reduce significantly. 
So, be smart, make use of available tools and embrace the change

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