CRM Contact Management SoftwareThe lifeblood of a business lies in the contacts and managing them is necessary for the smooth flow of a successful business. MeraCRM offers contact management solutions which provide a personalized manner to store all your important contact and their information in a user-friendly, updatable and accessible location. Everything you need to know from your contacts which include your new leads, your previous clients and prospective clients which are necessary to maintain a strong database of business cliental. 

Contact Management Software has everything in the right place  

MeraCRM has seamlessly integrated an efficient contact management tool in their customer relationship management software to mainstream sales and customer support operations. With a simplified view of all the complication business contacts and their various details, you can effortlessly the management the critically important ones and use them to your advantage.

Contact management software integrated into MeraCRM not only boosts your operations productivity, but also helps you cater to every single one of your customers in a personalized manner. The contact management software improves your customer experience and with the correct and comprehensive information in a laid out format so that you have access to all your contact information with minuscule details too. 

Why Choose MeraCRM as Contact Management Software?


  • All your contact related information, sales activities, future prospects, minute details, and documents can be stored within the cloud software in a centralized and shared database.
  • Helps you identify which contact is suited in which category and assists you in organizing them according to the company which enables sales coordination and communication.
  • Importing contacts made easy with MeraCRM contact management software and establishing certain automated rules to assign contacts to the respective salesperson automatically.
  • With personalized notes and ribbons for each contact and client, you can remember the small details about that particular contact which help your salesperson to make a personalized approach to the particular contact.
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