Learn SFA CRM before implementing to your business

It has become very tricky in using sales force automation software in business organizations. Lots of business units have fallen flat on using SFA CRM software. The basic problem lies in  understanding the unique needs of the business. A lot of companies don’t evaluate their USP and end up buying CRM software that doesn’t give them ROI what is expected out of the CRM.

Many business houses by software that doesn’t support vendor requirements, this happens due to the lack of understanding of what the business requires. Mostly all the business houses  who have failed have shown utter inefficiency in identifying their business requirements and client’s business requirements.

How to understand what Kind of CRM you require:

If you are buying an SFA software and the dealer says that this CRM will bring your call duration time down to 25 % and you thought well this sounds pretty nice and I 'll go for it. But wait, is bringing down call duration time is your priority or do you have the business that requires robust cross-selling capability or efficient sales data measurement. If your business requires any one of these two later mentioned aspects then you gave made absolutely a wrong choice of CRM. This will turn out to be a liability sooner or later.

You need to focus on few below mentioned points to understand what you expect

  •  Bringing down the call duration
  •  Automation of sales activities 
  •  Enhancing cross-sell chances 

Depending on your requirements, you can choose SFA module software that your business needs. You can also focus on few more things that give you more insight into SFA module software.

Quantifying needs:   

If you are looking for a sales force automated module CRM that full fills your need of cross-sell opportunities and then get a software that give you ways to measure in percentage. Similarly, if you are looking for sales forecast then get a CRM that gives the measurement.

Specify the number

IF you are buying a CRM for the vendor and the vendor says the call duration will go down to 10 percent , then inform the dealer more precisely that you don’t need 10 % your requirement is somewhere between 20 to 40 %, depending on your needs, you can specify the percentage . Always give a numerical value.

Before buying any Sales Force Automation module, CRM makes your dealer go through your requirements so that he can assist you with software that serves your business requirement.

It is advisable to analyse your business before you go for a sales force module CRM and see whether it will meet your requirements or not. Most the CRM fails because of the immature business analysis and business requirements. Make sure that you have gone through your objectives, discussed and review you objectives and requirements. Once you have properly analysed your business you can share the idea with the vendor to find out their requirement and then you can place the SFA software with CRM software.

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