Top 5 Benefits of Integrating Sales and Marketing Automation

In today’s business scenario, the customer expects much more from your business than ever before. And if you are still using random accumulated products with lots of panic-stricken attempts of gathering leads, you are not only wasting time but you are losing money. Sales and marketing are no longer separate activities.

Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) need a complete solution for sales and marketing. If you are looking for an acceleration in sales and marketing activities, integration of customer knowledge and behavior tracking with automated, cross-channel campaigns is very essential.

Nowadays, Sales and marketing are changing- They are emerging together and your CRM should reflect this emergence. Following are the top 5 benefits of integrating sales and marketing, which used to be thought of as separate processes:

1.  Your Sales and Marketing will get organized

In spite of knowing that sales and marketing are no longer mutually limited processes, many modern businesses are using either using an outdated sales model or an inefficient mixture of marketing automation and lead-gen tools. They discriminate their sales and marketing teams instead of sharing goals, data and techniques. In this aged model, Nobody is totally liable and time and money both are certainly wasted.

Integrating sales and marketing automation will set up three main anchors of perfectly organized teams.

  • Common goals and definitions :  Everyone in your company will now be able to work with the same data, from full-cycle lead scoring to shared KPIs. This way everyone can work towards achieving shared goals
  • Regular Messaging : You can easily push regular messages across campaigns and channels. Give a clearer and more consistent view of your business to recipients and your customers and they will respond with bigger deals and more devotion to your products.
  • Liability : Integrated sales and marketing automation will lead to more liable teams, liable sales and marketing activities and liable data. It makes your work much more simple.


2.  End of Data Leaks

Modern businesses are aware that they need to engage their recipients all the time, but you need to make sure that you do this without data and your sales process being broken.

  • More Effective conversations : Most of the companies fail to merge their databases and, as a result, fail to convert 80% of marketing leads into sales. Merging databases will help you get back on track.
  • Complete Transparency : There will be no more ‘blame-game’. Merging will seal your database and thus you will be able to know when, why and how a lead is accomplished.
  • Using Automation as two faces of coin : Your software should reflect your viewpoint regarding campaigns and achievements, but it should also be assembled around your customers – what they do, what are their needs, where they socialize, from the moment they first browse your site, through every sales meeting and deal closed.


3.  Smarter Forecasting and Better maintenance

For maintenance, if you are using a marketing cloud, that’s totally magnificent, but it's only 50% of the baffle. The rest 50% is all about your sales process— not only sales tools, relationship formation or analytics but the entire sales processCombining sales automation and marketing automation means that you can automate your exploration in extraordinary ways.

  • Making Lead Scoring Dynamic : Your lead scoring process should be both, manual as well as automatic. You can automate the lead scoring process on the basis of user behavior and get email reports about the hottest leads. Also, make sure that your sales team maintains leads manually, whether in response to an email or when on a telephonic conversation.
  • Responsive campaigns : Being responsive, Drip marketing is very essential. As well as use tag-based segmentation for your sales channel. Otherwise, you’re missing out a lot of potential business by trying to make your customer choices for them instead of including them in choice making.
  • Hyper-segmentation : First tag leads automatically or manually, then observe the response to automated campaigns in their particular segment.
  • Measurable ROI : Merging means that you get actionable awareness into every facet of the sales and marketing process, from the interaction of recipients with your site, emails or app, to telephony and sales channels.


4.  Complete Customer View

Even if your process improves (bigger deals, more successive deals), it can’t accelerate without integrating sales automation and marketing automation. The solution is to use products that enable sales and marketing to always have a precise and real-time view of customers.

It’s time to accelerate the growth of your business. Sometimes, many small businesses and SMEs make mistakes considering the ‘sales cycle’ as ‘won lead’.  In fact, even after closing  a deal, you should figure out the best ways to maintain that customer and provide alluring offers for upgrades.

  • Cross-Channel surveying : Survey social activity, web behavior, email opens, telephonic conversations, link clicks and much more.
  • 360-degree contact view : By integrating your sales and marketing automation you’ll be able to use contact page of your CRM as a one-stop shop for customer information. Observe your customers and understand their needs.
  • Marketing automation to serve customer : Most of the business revenue comes from smart contention. Provide best-in-class customer service using marketing automation and you’ll find amazing results in a very short time.


5.  Actionable Data and Alerts in Real-Time

Integrating Sales and marketing automation provides your sales team advance tools to close more deals and make their work mush easier by enabling smart selling practices at every single node of customer service. Integrating will let you focus on process-oriented business techniques and will help your business to grow.

  • Positive Lead Scoring :  Integrated lead scoring keeps you updated with every single activity. So there will be no more lost profiles, mismatching of data or subjective accomplishments.
  • Alerts and Notification in Real Time :  You can engage your contacts in the sales process at perfect time with alerts and notifications that will not just update you when lead is to be contacted but the reason for contacting and what to converse with the lead.
  • Analyze the Full-Cycle :  You should understand every facet of your business with clear metrics, advanced analytics and reports. Also use analytics of contact-level. Make smarter business decisions by comparing them.
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