Unlimited customer segmentation for better targeting

Tags to mark things the way we remember them

Human brain remember things by reference. In fact, referencing is in Indian blood. MeraCRM empowers users to store such references along with customers or leads, so that you can find them even faster. For example, one can tag customers like A+ rating, Punjabi, Enthusiastic, etc

7 Ribbons to color code people and processes

Ribbons are unique concept of MeraCRM which helps users to mark things with colour code. These colour codes can be anything according to business like rating of customer, category, timings, zones, etc., Use it in the best way you can!

Custom fields and forms for detailed insights

Generic businesses has generic profits too. Most of the Indian businesses are unique in their own way and has different reasons to store customer information. Unlike other CRMs, MeraCRM not only provides support for custom fields, but gives power for custom forms. It makes life easier to save any kind of additional information of customers, leads, etc.

Filters to segment data by tags, ribbons and other fields

MeraCRM not only gives you many options to recall your customers and their data, but also gives you very powerful filters. With use of these filters, one can search customers in various ways including tags, ribbons, custom fields and even custom form fields. One can also save this as a report/segment or can communicate with them via SMS/Email or take bulk actions on them.

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