Better productive with Followups and Reminders

Define follow ups for next communication or task

In India no one moves without follow ups either it's customer, colleague or vendor. Being in continuous touch with customer is the only winning mantra in this highly competitive era. Creating follow up is super easy with MeraCRM. Just choose the context, title and date and you are all set!

Setup multiple Desktop, email or SMS reminders for follow up

Sorry, but I really forgot it this time. If this happens with you, you would love MeraCRM reminders. You can set up unlimited Desktop, Email or SMS reminders to remind you on or before the follow-up is due. This will help you to fulfil all commitments you made to your customers and get more business from them.

Recurring follow ups for regular communication with customers

No one loves to do the same repetitive things again and again. MeraCRM can help you with recurring follow ups in such cases. It allows you to define daily, weekly, monthly or periodically follow ups so as you complete one follow up it will create next one for you. It's really useful in bill payments, collection, etc.

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