Stay in Complete Control

Responsive Monitoring with alerts

Managers spend whole day monitoring data. With MeraCRM you can set up a responsive monitoring with combination of automation and SMSes and Email alerts, e.g. Let me notify when we receive sales order exceeding X amount.

Complete view of sales pipeline - What to push and what to pull

Every time sales manager asks about sales, salespersons has the same answer that it is in pipeline. MeraCRM makes work easier for both by giving a clear picture about the present sales status. It shows current sales in pipeline and sales converted into deals.

See complete history and statistics of customer in Kundli View

In India it's very common that a salesperson leaves the job and joins another company. Because of this, customer's facts and details also goes with him. MeraCRM's unique Kundli View of Customer and Company tells us about the past, current and future information in one view.

Use filters and reports to see what you need

In today's business dynamics and tight competition, just reports are not enough. MeraCRM understands importance of details and empowers you to filter customers or lead details with any field and even with custom fields and form's fields. Why should you work harder when our servers can do it in seconds!

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