What is Cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Cloud CRM basically means Cloud computing Customer Relationship Management Software. Cloud Computing Software has found their way into the mainstream business applications, and as businesses are going global, Customer Relationship Management Softwares are evolving into cloud CRM.  The cloud based CRM software streamlines an organization’s... Read More »

What is Sales Force Automation?

The process of maximizing efficiency of the repeating processes that a Sales person or unit performs is stated as Sales Force Automation, and the software used for such process is known as SFA (sales force automation) software. The SFA system uses automation to streamline business tasks that include Contact Management, Account Management, Sales Funnel or... Read More »

Why You Need CRM For Data Analysis

As the global market expands at an exponential rate, the only competitive advantage small businesses have compared to the multinationals is their customer experience. The fundamental driver of a business is the fact that customers have a lot of information about your business as well as your competitors. The best way to bring the customer’s... Read More »

Steps to give your Sales forecasting a sharp edge with your CRM

Determining the exact time when a lead in the pipeline will convert into an order in the dream of every business executive. Sales forecasting basically determining what you want to take place and at what time you want it to take place. The Sales forecasts of a business can be based upon many different factors such as judgments, evaluation of events over... Read More »

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