Data safety with effective Permissions

Control over data accessibility

Customer data is very important asset in any business. It's also necessary to share data with your team members to make smart use of it. MeraCRM gives you full control to manage data accessibility and to see that it works as expected.

Control who can export data

Sometimes viewing is essential ,but it may be misused or leaked by either printing or exporting the data. MeraCRM user permissions allow the business to exercise control over who can print or export the data.

Set permissions on export of important data to prevent data from tampering

Set permissions on export of important data to prevent data from tampering.

Intelligent tag and field based permissions

Tagging is very effective way to segment customer information. It can be used to segment customers by interests, customer value, location, etc., With MeraCRM user permissions, one can control what segment their sales or support team should access. Sometimes it's also useful to share restricted data with your vendors or partners with such advanced permissions.

Cloud or On premise data hosting options

MeraCRM cloud edition securely stores your data in isolated environment according to industry standards, but still, for any reasons you want to use MeraCRM at your premises then also it's possible, and for that if you want, we would provide you a complete solution along with hardware requirements.

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