Mobile app increases Mobility of business

Mobile editions to keep important data handy

In today's world everyone wants things to be done at the moment itself. MeraCRM makes this possible with Mobile editions which not only gives access to the right data at right time, but also reminds the team about the scheduled tasks and meetings. And, most importantly, team only sees what you want them to do!

Automatic call logging without data entry

Data entry is a painful task for everyone and if possible, must be done smartly. MeraCRM mobile edition makes it easy by syncing business call history directly into MeraCRM to track business activities.

Voice notes for each call for history

Recording is better than typing on mobile. MeraCRM mobile prompts you when your business calls ends for conclusion or future activity based on the conversation. It also attaches the voice notes to MeraCRM customer history and makes it visible to everyone in the organization.

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