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Technically, we can import any kind of data to MeraCRM. You can even import your mobile contacts. Regardless to say, it also supports custom CSV files and you can link fields of your custom data with MeraCRM contact fields and even link with custom fields.

​We have fantastic mobile contact import feature. You just need to connect your phone with PC Suite and export your phone contacts. MeraCRM accepts contact files of all major phones. You can always use CSV option too.

​Honestly it depends on your business processes. But in 70% of cases it takes less than 24 hours to configure critical business process. If your business needs extensive configuration, it may take few weeks few weeks.

​MeraCRM is flexible enough to customize itself to fit according to your needs. If MeraCRM can adapt to 70% of your business process, then we will definitely help you to customize remaining needs at reasonable extra cost.

​That's one of the reasons why CRM implementation fails in India. We've considered this issue as our core value and made MeraCRM simple and flexible enough so it asks less and does more itself.

MeraCRM has powerful permissions, by which you can limit Who can access. Even You can even prevent your users from printing or exporting data.

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