Still not sure about MeraCRM?

These FAQs will help you decide better.


You may have lots of questions that what MeraCRM can do. Here is a huge list of thoughts and answer is YES for all of them.

  • I've tried every CRM that exists, are you sure MeraCRM will work for me?
  • We are currently using Excel sheets, will MeraCRM work for us?
  • We are non IT/Techie people, still MeraCRM is for us?
  • Can you help us in our data migration and setup MeraCRM for our business?
  • Do you provide on-premise help in implementing MeraCRM at our business?
  • My team has only very basic computer knowledge, still MeraCRM is for us?
  • Our 90% of team works in field all the day, still MeraCRM is for us?
  • My boss or manager is too lazy/ Busy to even open CRM. Can I convince him to use MeraCRM?
  • Do you have a mobile edition?
  • I hate data entry, still MeraCRM works for me?
  • Can we automate things based on something specific happenings in my business?

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