Event Marketing: Best Ways of Promoting your Event

Event marketing is the process of developing a composed display, exhibit or presentation for promoting a product, service, or organization leveraging in-person engagement. The promotion can be done through various marketing techniques. If you want to grow and engage new customers to your business, there's no better solution than to host a local... Read More »

Attain Competitive Edge With Data Mining

It has always been said that knowledge is power, data mining is exactly the same. It is the collection of appropriate knowledge that can help you to make strategies for the growth of your business or organization. The more you have a list of information about your customers, the better are your chances of earning a large profits. You can use CRM to study... Read More »

Amazing Tips to Boost revenue using CRM software

CRM is undoubtedly an extremely powerful device that can completely transform your business flow beyond your imagination.Your CRM software has very high probability of boosting the working efficiency of your sales team and influence your bottom-line in many ways.This article will show you 10 amazing ways how your CRM software can boost revenue and increase... Read More »

Best ways to generate sales leads using CRM software

Most companies that use CRM software deploy it for lead management. As a lead management software, it works great in weeding out poor leads and helping the sales team channelize energies on converting good leads into sales. However, the beauty of CRM software is that it can be used for sales lead generation as well! Shocking but true,... Read More »

Best Ways to Build Customer Relationship with CRM

Your company has two types of customers – existing and potential. Both these type of customers have a choice to either go with your brand or select your competitors. Hence, building a strong customer relationship is the key for customer retention and gaining new clients. Every small step towards customer relationship management has... Read More »

Learn SFA CRM before implementing to your business

It has become very tricky in using sales force automation software in business organizations. Lots of business units have fallen flat on using SFA CRM software. The basic problem lies in  understanding the unique needs of the business. A lot of companies don’t evaluate their USP and end up buying CRM software that... Read More »

How effective is Sales CRM for monitoring team activity

The sales CRM software provides automation of the sales team activities. It also ensures to complete sales process. This software records and monitors activities of the sales team. The CRM software supports the teams’ approach towards the set sales target. The CRM software helps in managing the customers’ requirements.   Sales CRM... Read More »

CRM : The basic Need of an Organization

In the rapidly changing market dynamics, organizations need to be more fluid, organized and analytical in their approach. To adopt those mentioned style of operation you must be equipped with technological resources that will give your company advantage over your competitors.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software enables you to operate more... Read More »

CRM - Contact Management Software

The lifeblood of a business lies in the contacts and managing them is necessary for the smooth flow of a successful business. MeraCRM offers contact management solutions which provide a personalized manner to store all your important contact and their information in a user-friendly, updatable and accessible location. Everything you need to know from your... Read More »

CRM For Business Development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software selected must have the core abilities for identification of key characteristics of businesses, as well as the people involved with it. CRM helps you focus on the details that you need to know in order for business development and evaluating the solutions people get from your business. CRM systems are that can... Read More »

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